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Yoga by the Sea



Tapping / EFT (Emotionally Focused Technique)

Based on ancient Chinese acupressure principles combined with psychology, this powerful holistic healing technique involves tapping on specific meridians of the body while holding in mind a negative emotion or physical sensation, to restore the body’s balance of energy while calming the nervous system and creating a re-wiring for healthier future responses.  Tapping has been shown to resolve a wide variety of issues from stress and anxiety and other emotional disorders, to bodily conditions of pain, addictions and weight management.

Discovered in 1980 by psychologist Roger Callahan and later developed into a simple technique by his student, Gary Craig, EFT became an easy to use and easy to learn method for resolving emotional problems and physical conditions.


PSYCH-K® is a simple but powerful process for facilitating change at the level of the subconscious.  This 25 year-old method is effective for changing behaviors and habits, wellness levels and for stress reductions.

The Subconscious mind is often programmed with numerous self-limiting beliefs and out-dated programs that no longer serve you.  They were created at an earlier time and are not relevant to your life currently, yet they continue to run and exert an influence on all aspects of your life, from relationships, finances, career choices, self-esteem and health and wellness.  These programs operate to block you from your potential and keep you stuck repeating the same old patterns. With this method, these mind-body patterns can be reversed with a few simple and non-invasive techniques that will create immediate and lasting relief.

Originated by Rob Williams, psychotherapist, this approach brings you back into connection with the truth of yourself through the correction of limiting beliefs that create an obstacle to the realization of this truth.

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