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Meditation & Mindfulness

Natural Meditation is an ancient eastern practice that has been mostly lost for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  Formerly known as Surrender Meditation, it has been kept alive through one lineage currently taught by an American yogic teacher, Durga Ma.  After 40 years of meditation and study of the Bhagavad Gita, she has made it possible to achieve liberation and union with the Divine, Truth, Absolute God.  

Initiated through the direct transmission of shaktipat from Durga Ma, I am trained to teach you how to easily move into a natural state of meditation without effort or stress.  

The study of Mindful Life Mastery principles will bring you access to your inherent power, transforming your life and your ability to direct its course.  The essential elements include the science of meditation combined with the foundational principles for personal growth, which continues your spiritual development for your own life, as well as to serve the world.

Reiki Master

Reiki is a word made up of two Japanese words:  Rei, meaning God’s Wisdom, and Ki, meaning life force energy.  It has also been called the breath of life.  Reiki is a safe, natural and simple energy modality that uses the unseen life force energy for the spiritual healing of mind, body, emotions and spirit.  

The ki, or non-physical energy, animates all living things.  When it is high in a person, they will feel strong and confident.  When it is low, they will feel weak and be at risk of getting sick.  Negative thoughts and feelings in the mind-body can cause disruptions to our own Ki flow.

Through the laying-on of hands to transmit this healing energy from Source, this energy passes through my own body and into the person receiving it.  Because it originates with Source, or God or the Higher Intelligence, it first must pass through the Reiki practitioner before it passes into the person needing it.  Guided by this Intelligence, it flows to where it is needed, and it is always used to create a healing effect, therefore it can never be misused. Reiki is acknowledged for its healing benefits and used in many hospitals, as it is complementary to and integrates with any medical model.  

I have been trained according to the Mikao Usui lineage, and have received all 3 levels of attunements, including the Master level.


A strong spiritual immune system is to be power-filled, healthy and happy in one’s life.   Being in possession of your whole soul and having a relationship with your own power animal are the primary elements of this power-filled state of being.

Shamanic practitioners work with the person’s soul and with their own spirit helpers and teachers, always with the permission of those involved and always for healing purposes.  

My training has been with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, founded by anthropologist Michael Harner in 1979 for the preservation of core shamanic principles that are universal across all indigenous cultures.  Religious cultural influences have caused these principles and practices inherent to shamanic knowledge to have been lost to westerners, along with their spiritual resources and ability to transform their lives and help others.  The loss of our spiritual heritage has left us without access to tools and our rightful power.

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