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Psychotherapy Session


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Past Life Regression

Trained in both Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, I primarily offer hypnosis to transcend ordinary consciousness (the transpersonal approach).  This approach provides a means for the client to discover spiritual or metaphysical solutions to ordinary challenges. This is often described as spiritual regression work and includes Past Life Regressions.

A Past Life Regression is a session that takes a person back along the timeline of their soul and into one of their prior incarnations.  This is often done for the sake of finding out if there is a karmic connection with current events or circumstances. The goal is to better understand why they are dealing with their current situation and to resolve the unresolved lesson, thereby releasing them in their present life.  

Generally, a PLR (past life regression) takes about 2 hours and although the memory of the journey will be retained, it is recorded for the client for future review.

Life Between Lives ™

The Life Between Lives journey is one in which you are in an extended state of relaxation (also known as trance) and return to the all-loving realm in which you existed before coming into this incarnation.  Here you will find answers to questions you have about your soul’s relationships, karmic connections to events or conditions in this life, and your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, as well as over many incarnations.  The direct experience of your eternal life and the immortality of your soul brings answers, comfort, and inspiration.

Those who have experienced an LBL find that it dispels many fears that most of us have about our mortality and what happens after our death.  Questions that you might have about recurring patterns of events, relationships and health issues are met with the wisdom of your guide and other wise beings, all whom are unconditionally loving and without judgment and are there to support your growth.

The realm of the LBL is accessible using the methods developed and perfected by Michael Newton (TNI ~ The Newton Institute) through over 7,000 journeys that he facilitated over the course of 35 years.  This method is taught only to experienced hypnotherapists by TNI instructors around the world. I am Certified as one of these instructors of the LBL Trainings.

Quantum Consciousness Experience

Accessing truth and wisdom through the Quantum Consciousness Experience, uses the deep relaxation of hypnosis while expanding outward into greater realms beyond even those of the LBL.  This expanded awareness taps into the experiences of the quantum field. Here we have released our finite identity with this physical body, in order to give and receive healing within other realms, and experience our connection to All That Is.  

The QCE brings deep peace and a feeling of connectedness to everything and everyone and expands one’s sense of belongingness.  In the realms where there is no time or space, the tranquility and serenity of this experience is brought back with you into your daily life and has the ability to shift your perceptions about life and who you are.

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